In Memoriam

Sheila Mahr
September 4, 1947 - May 3, 2013

Sheila offered to foster for Mutts in 2010, introducing herself as someone who had taken in a number of big, unruly dogs, including a large Dalmatian. Our response was, “When can you start?????” That was the beginning of a fortuitous, warm and deep relationship between Sheila, our pups, and so many Mutts’ volunteers.

Sheila loved dogs and dogs loved Sheila, all of them, immediately.

Within months of her start with Mutts, Sheila was diagnosed with the illness that was to take her life on May 3, 2013. Sheila fought her illness with everything she had, with tremendous courage and a positive outlook. Although her treatment was arduous and unremitting, and she caught very few breaks in the long course of it, Sheila never complained and very rarely discussed what she was going through, preferring to be treated – and BE – as she was before her diagnosis.

Sheila came frequently to adoption events and fostered at least five dogs during her time with us -- yes, four of them large and one, Jack, making up what he lacked in size with truly unique energy. Jack was a great source of entertainment for Sheila while Sabrina, a sweet pit mix with a crooked smile, was her constant source of comfort. Sabrina remained with Sheila and is now in retirement with another member of the Mutts family.

Sheila, we miss everything about you -- your sparkling smile, your sense of fun, and your kindness toward absolutely everyone. You left us bereft and far too soon.

To honor Sheila's memory, the following family and friends have made donations to Mutt Love Rescue (Mutts) in Sheila's name.

Cathy Haffner - Sheila, I miss your friendship and seeing your smile. You were a wonderful, supportive, level-headed, strong, kind, loving person and I could go on and on. I'll tell you when I see you again, my friend.

Joan Urban -- For Sheila, a remarkable person -- gentle, kind, thoughtful, brave, constant, witty, wise -- and a beloved, irreplaceable friend. It was a joy and a privilege to have had you in my life.  You'll remain in my heart for the rest of my days.

Pat and Dan Phelps -- You will not be forgotten by us or anyone who knew you. We will miss you.

Kirk Moberley -- Sheila, thanks for your loving care for Jack and our other mutts in need of a friend like you.

Jan Mahr Vengren -- Hopefully God's chosen angel is now in charge of all those beloved dogs who have gone before her. Sheila was a wonderful sister-in-law who was more like a sister, and I will forever miss her.

Margaret Pridgen -- Sheila has left a hole in a lot of lives. You are missed old friend.

Barbara Jahreis -- I was always impressed with Sheila's enthusiasm and energy despite her illness and can still picture her crossing Weber's parking lot holding firmly to a big overactive hound or sitting at Petco trying to imbue in maniacal Jack some of her elegance and calmness.

Mr. And Mrs. Jim Kellum - Sheila spoke highly of Mutt Love and the good work you do so we wanted to donate in her memory.

Lyn Laparan and Dave Upp -- Our donation is in memory of Sheila Mahr. She was such a blessing to the animals of Mutts. She gave unconditionally of her time and resources.

Florence Campbell -- I will miss her for a long time. I pray for her soul, her children and the rest of her family by blood, marriage, and friendship.

Anne Marie Bradford



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