In Memoriam


With heavy hearts we must tell you that Mutts’ dear friend and constant supporter, Jane Misheloff, passed away unexpectedly last month.  Just about a month earlier, at Mutts’ December holiday party, she was signing books she had authored -- books which regaled us with the adventures of Bowser and other Mutts’ alumni and friends, of the animal and human persuasion, at a magic place known as Les Maisons.  True to Jane’s friendship with Mutts, she had donated the profits of both books she had written to our pups.

Jane and her husband Steve came to a Mutts’ adoption event several years ago looking, we’re sure, for the dog who needed them most.  They chose Bowser, a spry but elderly German Shorthaired Pointer, who made his way to Mutts via a local shelter which took him in when his owner of many years moved to an assisted living facility.  Jane, whose wry humor and faux tough demeanor defined her (she did give THE BEST stink eye ever), was absolutely helpless when it came to Bowser.  He quite thoroughly organized (read: took control of) her life.  Jane and Bowser regularly visited Helga, his former mom, at her new home.

After too few years with Jane and Steve, Bowser crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Helga followed barely a month after.  Together, Bowse (as he was often affectionately called) and Helga set out to find the perfect community where pets and their humans could live happily forever, never to be separated again.  That place became Les Maisons. 

Jane and Steve promptly took another geriatric Mutts’ pup into their home, Sabrina, a pittie with a crooked smile dubbed Sabs, who quickly studied the notes Bowser had left behind and, like Bowse, called most of the shots in their home -- although she uncharacteristically submitted to wearing the elaborate costumes Jane made for her to the annual neighborhood Halloween party.  Sabs made an indelible impression on Steve to whom she is “his most beautiful dog ever.”

Jane’s two completed books, Bowser Becomes the Boss and Bowser Saves the Day, speak for themselves.  Suffice to say, we know from personal experience and feel comfortable speaking for others that Jane’s words and gentle humor soothed many aching souls grieving for their beloved pets.  A note describing the pet’s always uplifting, often hilarious, arrival at Les Maisons would be quickly dispatched by Jane to many a Mutts’ volunteer upon the loss of their pup, kitty, or other companion.  Jane, who with Steve, gave much to Mutts and made many personal friends in the group, will be greatly missed -- although many of us are still in denial. 

Jane was hard at work on her third book when she herself was called to Les Maisons, where we’re sure she and Bowser will have many new adventures.

Click the book cover for more info.

Click the book cover for more info.


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