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Pick me! Pick me!

Bones is super excited that it’s finally “his” time of year, the time when it’s not kind of weird to have a name like “Bones”. I mean kids dress up like scary skeletons, so being Bones is finally a cool thing. This Bones has nothing scary about him - just love in his heart to share with a new family. Bones is one of our Overlooked Gems and we thought this would be the perfect time to highlight this great dog. Bones says "Pick me! Pick me!" Look closely and you'll see that Bones is very serious about finding his new home! He really, really wants you to pick him - and since dogs can't talk, he's wearing his message (and his heart) on his sleeve, er neck. But that’s about the only thing he’s serious about, he is one silly, friendly and fun boy. He may not be a spring chicken but you know they say that 10 is the new 5, and Bones is the epitome of you’re only as old as you feel! And he feels great! We just cannot understand why this Happy Hound is still a homeless hound. Bones loves everyone and everything - people, dogs, treats, toys, walks, naps - these are all good in the eyes of Bones. So please, help us find this wonderful, full-of-life dog his happy ever after! Not a good time to adopt - we’d also love to find Bones a foster home so he can finally learn how fabulous it is to live in a home, snuggle on a couch and just soak up the good life. He’s heard how great his fellow long timers Petey and Roscoe are doing in their foster homes and is longing for that same happy update!








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